YOU ARE IN CONTROL - "This is a serious defense system"

 Designed to protect the home, office, or warehouse this defense system gives you the control back to repel unwanted intruders.

    ** Watch this cam footage**


      Enforcer Systems have integrated a powerful & fast high pressure vapourising system that disperses a high density vapour. This induces a complete loss of visibility in the protected area (500m3) within 30 seconds.


      The Enforcer Systems have very durable and robust housings and when armed are almost impossible to find, let alone vandalise. But, if an intruder does manage to locate the Enforcer System the cameras have an IP10 rated impact housing design.


      Be in control your at home or on the go you can always be in control with our management platform.

      The User has full control & real-time system statuses, including advanced & complete system events history & video verification.